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Freelancers Anonymous Movie, LLC is partnered with non-profit production organization Full Spectrum Features.

FULL SPECTRUM FEATURES NFP is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to increasing diversity in the media arts by producing, exhibiting, and supporting the work of women, LGBTQ, and minority filmmakers. We also aim to educate the public about important social and cultural issues, utilizing the power of cinema to foster understanding in our communities.

Where to give

Contact Full Spectrum Features

How your charitable contribution is applied

5% of your donation will go to directly to Full Spectrum Features (Fiscal Sponsor Fee)  

95% of your donation will go directly to Freelancers Anonymous Movie, LLC   (marketing, social media management, distribution costs)

What you receive for your charitable contribution

Donors looking for charitable giving opportunities prior to end of year will receive a tax receipt for their donation from Full Spectrum Features to apply to their 2018 return.


We are passionate about sharing The Freelancers story!! A story about a group of women who come together to launch a tech start up from the basement of a church in Chicago. A likely tale

At a time when nearly 50% of the millennial workforce are freelancing we know that it is imperative to come together in order affect positive change for WOMEN and the LGBTQ community working STEM industries!

By donating to Freelancers Anonymous Movie, LLC we will be able to create a MARKETING BUDGET that reflects our goal to spread this story to the widest possible audience.


We are in a unique position to create BUZZ from the ground up! MARKETING, PRESS, PROMOTION, SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGS, FORUMS, PODCASTS are all essential to reaching an international audience who's values align with our mission. We would love to hear from you! 

Know of a blogger or influencer our team should connect with? An organization with an email newsletter? A podcast we should talk to? Contact us:

We are truly grateful for the continued support of friends, family and fans of the film and all of our cast and crew, executive producers and creative team that have worked so hard to bring Freelancers Anonymous to life!

Thank you for being a part of our team!