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The Film

Freelancers Anonymous is a quick-paced comedy feature about a group of women who come together to launch a tech start-up company. The story follows Billie who, on impulse, quits her soul-sucking office job and is left to figure out “now what?” She meets a ragtag group of women who are also looking for employment, and is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app for freelancers. This story is about the power of love and trust, both in your partner and yourself.


The Cast


The Crew


Sonia Sebastian




Amy Dellagiarino & Lisa Cordileone

Director of Photography:

Álvaro Martín Blanco



Lisa Cordileone, Amy Dellagiarino, Sonia Sebastian

Eugene Sun Park, Full Spectrum Features


Executive Producers:

Karen K. Dixon, Dr. Nan Schaffer, Celia Z. Kahn

Associate Producers:

Dr. Erica Kuhlmann, William Hutchens



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