Review | Freelancers Anonymous

Freelancers Anonymous does much more than just humorously portraying struggling (although competent) women in a male-dominated industry, it is in itself a result of what women are able and capable of doing if working together. We can say that this film puts into action the hashtags Women in Film and Women in Tech. Here women are actors, director, producers, writers, editors, etc. The importance of women is such that, even though a couple of men appear on the movie, they don’t have any lines to say with the exception of Larry (Jamison Scala) at the end of the film.

On previous entries, we’ve mentioned the outstanding acting skills of Natasha Negovanlis. This time she was has done it once again as her character gets the chance to express a variety of emotions and reactions. (Side note: she makes a beautiful bride). Jennifer Bartels also provided an excellent performance by portraying Gillian a character that evolves throughout the film. And of course, Lisa Cordileone managed to thrivingly wear with the hats of actor, writer, and producer.

The film excelled not only in giving the audience a humored entertainment but by promoting women to take control of their aspirations, to believe in their capabilities and find support in each other. It also makes us reflect on how sometimes we dedicate most of our lives to making other people’s projects come true instead of searching and doing our own.

Lisa Cordileone