Why I Loved Freelancers Anonymous As A Woman in Tech

by Zett Stai - Site Reliability Engineer, Writer, Wife, Mother. I focus on writing about mental health and diversity in tech. I also write for Women Who Code Silicon Valley.

Most women in tech movies (out of the few actually in existence) fall into very specific categories. There are the wonderful eye opening documentaries that expose the world to the challenges women face in the tech industry. Women who have the courage to break stereotypes to help build and support the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) pipeline. There are also those intelligent women of action films and television shows who, single handedly bail everyone, specifically the male super hero, out of sticky situations with their quick wit and engineering know how. (God bless women like Shuri). But sometimes it would be nice to have something to watch that is more uplifting and realistic. READ MORE 


Lisa Cordileone