Sonia Sebastian

Sonia directed and wrote 16 episodes of the the successful TV series Girl seeks Girls broadcast in Spain on "Terra TV" and distributed on DVD by Pride Films. Also, the TV series is being distributed in the U.S. by Wolfe TV and the DVD came out in November of 2009.

The Award Nominated film De Chica en Chica 2016, premiered at OUTFest LA and is available on Amazon Prime.

She was the director of Spanish series Todo es posible en el bajo (Telemadrid –Madrid’s local channel) and 3x2 (Tele 5 – national mass channel). 

She was two times finalist of Theater Valle Inclán’s Prize as director of El Imaginario de Cervantes (2011) and El viejo celoso y la cueva de Salamanca (2010) and in 2007, Sonia was the winner of Hollywood Channel's Prize with La Llamada.

As a producer, Sonia has produced/directed the following short films: Grotesqués Road Movie (2002), Ladridos (2003), Elisa Guzmán (2005), Dos mujeres, Un pajaro y una triste historia de amor (2008) and Papa se ha ido (2012). All these short films have been shown in several festivals across the world.

In 2004, Sonia produced the feature film Cuídate de mí through Acapela Films, which was released in Málaga film festival.